Alison Davis Cuffari


Dennis Peter Kisyk, Jr.

Alison Davis Cuffari and Dennis Peter Kisyk, Jr.

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Kingston, Ontario

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Love At French Toast

We met on the dating app Hinge. The photo above shows our first messages to each other. In his profile, Dennis said that one of the things he disliked about being single was not being able to justify making french toast for one. Alie was immediately drawn to the prospect of being on the recieving end of this breakfast treat. Shortly thereafter, we went on our first date, drinking whiskey at the Flatiron Room. Dennis was astounded at Alie's ability to keep up (in all respects). We had a blast and each of us knew that the person on the other side of that three hour conversation was someone special. We had no idea just how special.

After a few months of dating, we moved in together, mixing portraits of Wolverine with watercolors of the French countryside and antique brass with emo records. In the past 18 months, we have grown in love and respect for one other and have experienced some of the greatest joys and deepest sadness that life has to offer, traveling to Ireland to celebrate the wedding of Alison's brother, mourning the loss of Dennis's mother, getting to know and love each other's families and friends and doing our darndest to eat our way through the five boroughs of New York City.

We couldnt' be happier to celebrate our love for each other with the people in our lives whom we love so much. It is because of your friendship, support and influence that we became the two people we are, who met on the internet and fell in love.

This is what comes next.
Stacey Meacham